Screening: La Tigre e la Neve (2005, Roberto Benigni)

This screening is part of the Center for Applied Liberal Arts’ Spring 2018 Film Series From the Other Side: Foreign War Films. Click here for the complete calendar of screenings.

La tigre e la neve (The Tiger and the Snow)
(Italy, 2005, 116 min.)

In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles


Written, directed and starring Roberto Benigni

With Nicoletta Braschi, Jean Reno, Tom Waits

Traditionally, war films tell only one side of the story—usually that of the victor. In the United States, where films from Hollywood dominate the box office and cultural conversations, the American point of view, both politically and socially, is most likely to be represented. All wars, however, share one commonality: the human experience. In this film series, explore movies about wars, both familiar and not, that provide new and alternate perspectives but are still united by the quest to illuminate the horror and heartbreak universal to the human experience of war. In Benigni’s latest film as director, a love-struck Italian poet is stuck in Iraq at the onset of the American invasion.

Introduced by Stefano Albertini (NYU).


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