Screenings of Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States: A Documentary

Screening of The Untold History of  the United States; Part Three: The Bomb. All screenings are followed by an open discussion. Adam Meyer will chair the Open Discussion led by Professor Gerald Meyer; VMF co-chair, Roberto Ragone, will present  a dramatization  of a Vito Marcantonio speech.

About the film: This series will focus on the first four chapters of The Untold History, which spans the events leading up to United States entry into World War II until the outbreak of the Korean War. This period coincides with Marcantonio’s seven-term tenure in Congress, where he advocated for policies aligned with those presented in The Untold History.

About Oliver Stone: This prolific and ingenious screenwriter and director has authored numerous award-winning feature  films, including Salvador, The Fourth of July, JFK — that have reached millions of viewers with dramatic depictions of historic events that challenge conventional interpretations of critical events of our time.

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