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GEI Webinar with Lucia Annunziata and Domenico Siniscalco

Lucia Annunziata is a veteran international journalist and host of Mezz’ora in Più, one the most successful talk shows in Italy, former special envoy in Central America, Correspondent from New York for il Manifesto and La Repubblica and later political columnist and special envoy in Italy for Corriere della Sera and Chairman of RAI.

Domenico Siniscalco is Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley Europe and Head of Italy’s division at the bank, he is a prominent Italian economist, a professor for many years at the University of Turin, served as Director General of the Treasury succeeding Mario Draghi in 2001, later was Minister of the Economy between 2004 and 2005, and has been at Morgan Stanley since 2006.

Dr. Annunziata and Prof. Siniscalco will engage in a conversation with Mario Platero Discussing the economic and political challenges of a Draghi prime ministership, the policies expected from the new government, especially in terms of economic reform, of an investment plan acceptable to the EU and viable for launching an infrastructure development program for the country, delivering sustainable growth and enhancing employment. They will address risks still implicit in the pandemic and the new balance of the political parties supporting the government, looking forward to the 2023 elections and the expected relationship with the United States and the Biden Administration, especially on Transatlantic issues, both for trade and defense policies.

On Tuesday, February 16th at 1 p.m.

Webinar on GEI’s Facebook page, which is accessible at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Gruppo-Esponenti-Italiani-103682191361442

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