8:00 pm

The Last Day of Sun

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY


The Last Day of Sun (L’Ultimo Giorno Di Sole)

Text & Music by Giorgio Faletti
Directed by Fausto Brizzi
Performed by Chiara Buratti
Produced by Orlantibor

A “novel on stage” by the late writer/actor Giorgio Faletti. Seven monologues and eight songs. The story of a woman who, before the end of the world, returns to where she was born to review her life and her dreams. In the end, she must choose to either exorcise the dark, or learn to embrace it.

In ITALIAN with ENGLISH Supertitles.

This performance is part of the 2019 In Scena! Italian Theater Festival. Now in its 7th season, the festival presents a survey of the best Italian theatrical productions – for FREE – in all five NYC boroughs.

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24 West 12th Street

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