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Children of the Revolution: a Day with Tony Visconti

«Music today isn’t quite as good as it was in the Seventies until the Nineties. Now [...] they are selling fewer records than ever before»

When I arrive at the Japanese restaurant for the meeting, the door seems very heavy, and like the morituri, I had a big lump in my throat. I gaze inside; Tony is only a few metres from me, wearing the smile of a boy. He has a delightful way of smiling with his eyes, which I was already familiar with from weeks of studying his past interviews online. He seems glad to see me. And, as an interviewer, I try to mask my emotions while I eat ramen, all without taking my eyes off him...

di Isabella Zuppa

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Franciacorta Sparkling Wine: How to Turn Regrets into Opportunities

It would be easy for the Franciacorta wine producers to have regret to not be the first to make a mark on the world like Champagne, but...

For many of us, regret is an overwhelming emotion that we battle our whole lives. It is a feeling that misleads us into thinking that we have no control over our happiness or sense of fulfillment. But there are those rare examples of people or even organizations, such as the Franciacorta association of sparkling wine producers in northern Italy, who show us that those regrets can be turned around to be potential opportunities

di Cathrine Todd

The New Balance of Australian Wines in the US: the Case of McGuigan

My background has been rooted in wines from Europe, but, over a month ago, I had lunch with one of the pioneers of Australian wines, Neil McGuigan...

At one time Americans had an intense love affair with Australian wines that abruptly came to an end. But now the wines from down under have evolved with the times offering fresh, elegant libations instead of flabby, fruit-bombs. But are US consumers ready to move beyond the past and trust their own tastes when it comes to some of these producers introducing themselves back into our market?

di Cathrine Todd

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