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Here’s What You Should Know About Italy’s Umpteenth Government Crisis

Why did the "Government of Change" suddenly collapse? Why did Mr. Salvini call for new elections? What happens next?

The truth is that Matteo Salvini’s League and the Five Stars Movement have always been not only very different from each other, but also adversaries till the political agreement that led to the "Government of Change" was signed. It is no coincidence that, for a long time even after the March 2018 elections, they never dared to define themselves as “allies”: They were only temporary “friends,” according to Mr. Salvini, “co-signatories of the contract of government,” according to Mr. Di Maio, the other Vice Prime Minister and chief of the anti-establishment movement.

di Giulia Pozzi

When an Australian Female Winemaker Is a Symbol for Sense of Value in Puglia

When Lisa Gilbee and Gaetano Morella met in Puglia, they fell in love, and they not only became partners in life but also partners in a winery called Morella

In her early 20s, a strong, talented female winemaker from Australia was determined to avoid the path of marriage and kids so she could focus on her career and achievements in the wine world, until she found herself in southern Italy where she fell in love with not only an Italian man, but also the traditional old vine vineyards of Puglia.

di Cathrine Todd

Sea-Watch 3 Captain Carola Rackete Is a Strong Woman Who Saved Human Beings

By entering the port of Lampedusa without authorization from the Italian authorities, she broke the law, and now she will pay the price

On the 16th day, after several appeals to the Italian authorities had gone unanswered, Carola decided to break the naval blockade--and Italian law--and to enter Italy’s territorial waters. When she realized that the Italian Government would not give the authorization to disembark migrants in any case, on the 17th day, in the middle of the night, she also entered Lampedusa harbor. "At this moment the Sea-Watch 3 is entering Lampedusa harbor. It's been almost 60 hours since we declared a state of emergency. No one listened. No one took responsibility. Once more it's up to us, to Captain Carola Rackete and her crew, to bring the 40 people to safety,” the NGO wrote on Facebook.

di Giulia Pozzi

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