Don’t Break the Law, It’s the UN Rule

UN Secretary General Ba Ki-moon and Italy's Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi (UN Photo/Mark Garten)

UN Secretary General Ba Ki-moon and Italy's Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi (UN Photo/Mark Garten)

Italy Teams with Thailand, Qatar and UNODC in strengthening “The Rule of Law”


A two-day series of High Level conferences at the UN’s New York headquarters – coordinated by the permanent ambassadors of Italy, Thailand and Qatar – ended Tuesday June 10 with great hopes and optimism. 

The sessions, which began Monday June 9, focused specifically on crime prevention and criminal justice as core elements of the Rule of Law, and highlighted the coherent approach to the intensification of the post-2015 development agenda. Emphasis was also placed on the strength of interdependence between upholding laws that foster criminal justice, human rights, sustainable development and crime prevention.   

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, at the opening session on Monday stated that, “Our organization is built on fundamental principles.  We hold that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights and have the right to life, liberty and security.”

Mr. Ban continued by explaining that poverty, inequality and injustice are an affront to those principles, but that good governance and transparency will ensure the effective use of public resources by preventing corruption, illicit financial flows and transnational organized crime.

The Rule of Law was first introduced in 2012 at a General Assembly High-Level meeting where world leaders acknowledged its declaration. Leaders agreed that on both a national and international level, strong and mutual interrelations in reinforcing the Rule of Law would develop. According to the UN Charter, the rule will provide the basis for peaceful international relations and on the national level, a fully functioning criminal justice chain will be established and backed by strong institutions.

“Italy believes in continued dialogue between countries in all regions to make concrete steps to advance the Rule of Law. We must keep building strategies and synergies that are already in place. This event is a confirmation of the teamwork with our excellent partners of Qatar and Thailand, and with the UN Office of Drugs and Crimes,” said Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi [1:40min]. 

Mr. John Ashe, 68th President of the General Assembly, commented that a continual reinforcement of the Rule of Law, would not only signify world development and advancement, but would be an essential pillar for economic growth; sustainable development; strongly contributes to the fight against poverty and promotes the full realization of all human rights and fundamental freedom.

Mr. Cardi said a strong interrelationship is the framework of the post 2015 development agenda. He added that the idea is simple because it is the stimulus to making better use of what already exists.”

“This is why Italy is fully committed to working toward this goal. We must now work together to make it more effective while making productive use of the negotiations and dispelling any existing doubts. This can be done only by keeping all references to Human Rights and to the Rule of Law in the negotiating document.” 

One example of Italy’s vigilant efforts so far, is the partnership with countries in the Central American Integration System [SICA]. Italy has donated five million Euros to El Salvador to organize the ‘Training the Trainers Project,’ a cooperation-programmer which aims to tackle the issue of crime by juveniles by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation. 

“Through dialogue and mutual understanding we can achieve the elaboration of both specific goals, targets and a coherent framework based on longstanding values, which are universal and are embodied in the UN Charter,” Mr. Cardi closed. 

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